• We are the pioneers of the data recovery industry, and one of the only companies with an in-house dedicated Research & Development team.
  • Having a dedicated R&D team allows us to recover any technically possible case. If we can’t recover it, no one can!
  • We have state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced technology.
  • Highly experienced data recovery experts.
  • We often receive cases from other companies after they failed to recover the data. – In many cases, we end up recovering the data successfully, but the chance of a successful recovery decreases significantly after the first attempt.
  • Other companies place a time limit on your case of only a few hours; they do not invest more than the allocated amount of time before declaring it unsuccessful.
  • Your time is critical. Valuable time is wasted, and the level of risk greatly increases when a non-professional individual or company attempts a recovery.  
  • The first attempt at a recovery has the highest chance of being successful.
  • Most companies will charge a fee when they recover a certain percentage of the data. In many cases, invaluable or non-critical data is being recovered. We focus and target the client`s critical data and make sure that its functional. That saves valuable time and increases the chances of success.