Your systems are monitored 24/7


We identify and fix issues before they cause problems


We provide most services remotely or overnight


All-inclusive, all-you-can-use, flat-rate IT services that include hardware and software.


Computers, Router, Switch, Wireless,Printers, Cabling, Antivirus, Web-Site etc.


Computer & Software Support, Manage your Voice and Internet Service


Asset Reporting – Know what hardware and software you have

We utilize automated tools that constantly monitor the health of your hardware and software. This system keeps track of what you’re using and notifies us of any changes. This helps us to prepare and recommend future upgrades that’ll keep things running smoothly.

Automated System Monitoring – Keep an eye on your systems 24 x 7

We constantly monitor your system activity and examine specific performance metrics to make sure each workstation or server is working at full capacity. With this level of monitoring, our engineers can identify and correct problems before they take your system down.

Backup Verification – Be certain your data is backed up

Your IT system is only as good as its backup. We monitor the state of your backup system to make sure the necessary backups have been completed. If there is a system failure, the corrective action happens automatically and we’ll notify you of any temporary data integrity issues.

Security Monitoring – Make sure your network is secure

Our engineers monitor your organization’s firewall(s) and server(s) continually to identify and re-mediate security vulnerabilities and ensure that unwanted intruders cannot gain access to sensitive information.


Anti-Virus Maintenance – Protect yourself from viruses and malware

We make sure your anti-virus software is properly installed and correctly configured to give you the maximum protection. Up to date signature files give the best protection against many viruses that are constantly evolving. And in the event of infection, we take immediate steps to clean your system and get it back up to maximum efficiency.

Monthly Wellness Visits – In person checkup of all systems

We have dedicated technicians who review the overall health of your network on a monthly basis. This review recalls a history of incidents, results and total up-time, which allow us to provide you with proactive maintenance rather than waiting for something to break down. In addition, an engineer will meet with you once a month to do a physical inspection of your IT systems, review your monthly report and give you recommendations on how to improve your system’s performance.

Quarterly Technology Planning – Plan for growth and stability

Once a quarter our engineers look at your IT health system report to identify any recurring problems. We can then recommend any technology upgrades and repairs that need to be made, which keeps your systems running properly, and helps you avoid any unexpected expenditures.

Remote Optimization and Tuning

We monitor your workstations and servers to analyze the cause of crashes, lockups, performance degradation and connectivity issues. Our engineers use this data to design and implement proactive solutions to increase your IT performance.

Security Patch Management – Regular upgrades keep computers up to date

The last thing you want is someone intruding into your IT system. We test security patches in our lab and deploy them to your system, which ensures that the security updates meant to fix one problem don’t cause another.

Wireless Network Security – Prevent unwanted wireless access

We’ll implement WEP or WPA encryption and/or MAC address filtering to your wireless network, which will elevate your level of security. Our techniques ensure that no one can steal your wireless connection and transfer viruses, or other nefarious programs, to your network.


Onsite Support – Engineers onsite when you need them

In the event that our engineers can’t handle your problems remotely, we’ll come to you. We’re capable of delivering support services such as: installation and configuration of software and hardware, cabling, third party vendor management, server management, PDA and Blackberry support, phone systems, copy machines, printers, video conferencing equipment and other peripheral devices.

Remote Control Support – We can troubleshoot your computer wherever it is – at the office, in a hotel, on the road.

You need support no matter where you are. That’s why our enterprise class remote management system allows our engineers to get into your workstations or laptops whether they’re in the office or at a hotel. This system allows us to remotely fix problems nearly 75% of the time.

Unlimited Phone Support – Call us if you have a problem

Oftentimes you need questions like, “How do I print?” or “How do I set up Outlook?” answered right now. Our help desk can not only answer these questions, but can tackle other issues such as adding users, resetting passwords and setting file permissions. Our design lets you get the help you need when you need it so you can get back to running your business.


Endpoint Security – Secure thumb drives and other devices

Our comprehensive endpoint security goes beyond firewalls and anti-spyware software to include Distributed Endpoint Enforcement Platform (DEEP) architecture. This system is designed with multiple diver-layer technologies and application-layer solutions, which provides a more impenetrable level of protection. In addition, our system puts administrators in control and provides a simple management console.

Offsite Backup – Guaranteed data backup

Backing up is critical in a technology driven environment, but having an offsite backup service can be a godsend in the event that a fire or other catastrophe wipes out your site. We offer remote and automatic backup of your mission critical data, which not only removes the human element, but virtually eliminates the potential for error, lost data and security breaches.

Product Procurement – Leverage our buying power for better prices

You’re too busy running the show to worry about purchasing new software and equipment. That’s why we’ll do the legwork for you. We have relationships with most major hardware and software vendors, as well as national resellers, which gives us the power to purchase items at lower prices.